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AURUM estetica esclusiva

SILVER Body Pack (3 months)

SILVER Body Pack (3 months)

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The scheduled deadline was May 18, 2024, but to satisfy the desire of our beloved customers, we have decided to extend the possibility of subscribing to one of the 3 levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) until June 15

The SILVER path of Aurum Estetica Esclusiva is the ideal starting point for those who want to renew themselves and prepare for the summer season with care and attention. Designed to last 3 months , this mini subscription is a window into the world of wellness and beauty, giving you everything you need to start your journey to a brighter, more invigorated version of yourself.

What the SILVER Path Includes

For €750 total , the SILVER package pampers you with selected treatments for hands, feet and body, guaranteeing you a complete experience of regeneration and beauty.

  • 4 Hand Touches and 4 Pedicures : Take care of your hands and feet with our exclusive treatments, designed to nourish, strengthen and beautify.
  • 12 Lymphatic drainage : Through delicate massages, it stimulates lymphatic circulation to eliminate toxins and counteract water retention, giving you a feeling of lightness and well-being.

A 3 Month Journey to Wellbeing

The SILVER path is more than just a package of treatments: it is a 3-month journey that will accompany you towards the warmer season, teaching you the importance of regular personal care. With the possibility of registering by June 15th at the latest , it is the perfect time to pay attention to yourself and your well-being.

Take the Initiative for Your Beauty

After purchasing your SILVER route online, contact us to organize your appointments. Our team of specialists is ready to welcome you and offer you a unique and personalized experience, characterized by the quality and exclusivity that distinguish Aurum Estetica Esclusiva. You will have 3 months to complete and benefit from your journey.

The SILVER path is the opportunity to start your journey towards beauty and well-being, preparing to experience the summer with confidence and splendor. An investment in yourself that kicks off a wonderful transformation, marking the beginning of a new chapter of care and love for your body.

Do you want to pay in a deferred manner?

We offer the possibility to pay for this service in 3 convenient payments, contact us to find out more.

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