Collection: Tattoo & Permanent Makeup

Welcome to our Exclusive Service Booking collection, where the art of tattooing and the mastery of permanent eyebrow makeup meet to bring you the best in luxury aesthetics.

At Aurum Estetica Esclusiva , we celebrate beauty in all its forms with two distinctive services, created by our internationally renowned experts: Daniel Marinozzi and Maira Gavini. Find out how you can transform your look and feel your best with our personalized treatments.

Exclusive Tattoo with Daniel Marinozzi

Daniel Marinozzi, famous for his artistic ability, offers you the opportunity to adorn your skin with a unique work of art. Each tattoo is custom designed, reflecting your personality and emotions. Daniel transforms every tattoo into a masterpiece, making each session an unforgettable artistic experience.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup with Maira Gavini

Maira Gavini, expert in permanent eyebrow makeup, guarantees you perfect and natural eyebrows, for a long-lasting and always impeccable look. With her passion and professionalism, Maira creates a personalized project that enhances your unique beauty, giving you a fascinating and refined look at all times.

Discover our collection of exclusive services and book today to transform your beauty with Aurum Estetica Esclusiva . Enter a world of luxury, elegance and professionalism, where every detail is designed to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.