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PLATINUM Body Pack (5 months)

PLATINUM Body Pack (5 months)

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The scheduled deadline was May 18, 2024, but to satisfy the desire of our beloved customers, we have decided to extend the possibility of subscribing to one of the 3 levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) until June 15

Welcome to the Kingdom of Excellence with the PLATINUM Path

The PLATINUM path represents the pinnacle of Aurum Aesthetics Exclusive's offering, a true triumph of well-being, beauty and personal care that elevates every aspect of your being. Selected for those who want only the best and are not satisfied with compromises, the PLATINUM is our most exclusive package, designed to offer an unprecedented experience. With a total investment of €1,200 , this 5-month mini subscription completely transforms your approach to self-care, promising results that exceed all expectations.

A Universe of Exclusive Services

The PLATINUM package embodies the quintessential Aurum experience, including all the services of the SILVER and GOLD packages, and enriching them with premium additions that set the standard for wellness excellence:

  • SILVER and GOLD Packs included: 4 hand touch-ups, 4 pedicures, 12 lymphatic drainage treatments, 2 facial cleansings, 2 complete waxings, 12 pressotherapy.
  • +6 Be Body Laser sessions : Revolutionary technology for body contouring, to combat blemishes and improve the appearance of the skin.
  • +6 Personalized Facial Treatments : Innovative treatments, selected based on your specific needs, to revitalize your facial skin, making it brighter, younger and without imperfections.
  • 5 months total for using the PLATINUM route (2 more than Silver and Gold).

More than a Treatment, a Transformative Experience

The PLATINUM path is much more than a simple list of treatments; it's a transformative journey, a beauty odyssey that touches every aspect of you. From the first treatment to the last, you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of pure excellence, with professionals in the sector who will dedicate themselves to you with passion and competence.

The Summit of Value

With PLATINUM, every detail has been taken care of to ensure not only the highest quality of treatments but also an unrivaled quality-price ratio. Considering the quantity and quality of the services offered, the PLATINUM path is an opportunity for yourself that promises invaluable returns in terms of well-being, beauty and self-esteem.

Time and Flexibility for You

Recognizing the importance of your agenda, the PLATINUM program offers you 5 months to take advantage of all treatments, guaranteeing maximum flexibility to adapt perfectly to your commitments. You only have until June 15, 2024 to seize this route and purchase it.

Make the Choice that Will Change Your Summer... and beyond

Opting for the PLATINUM path means choosing to experience a summer in which you will feel the most radiant, well-groomed and confident version of yourself. After purchasing online, contact us, our team will be at your side to organize each appointment, ensuring a personalized experience that lives up to your expectations.

The PLATINUM path is not just a package of treatments; it is a commitment to yourself, a promise of rebirth and splendor. With Aurum Exclusive Aesthetics, prepare to discover the unlimited potential of your beauty. This is the opportunity to transform not just how you look, but how you feel, giving yourself an unforgettable summer and an even brighter future.

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We offer the possibility to pay for this service in 3 convenient payments, contact us to find out more.

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