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Beautech Cosmetics

Beautech Cosmetics Cellulite Focus Kit (1 month)

Beautech Cosmetics Cellulite Focus Kit (1 month)

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Focus Cellulite Kit: Your Home Beauty Solution to Combat Cellulite

Discover the power of our Focus Cellulite Kit, designed specifically to help you fight cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin, right at home. This kit is a complete solution for those looking to reduce the "orange peel" effect, stimulating correct microcirculation in the tissues and promoting visibly smoother and more toned skin.

Kit suitable for 1 month of treatment (to make the most of the benefits of the kit, each individual packaged product can be used a maximum of 2 times. After the first use, we recommend you wrap it up and seal it well to reuse it the second time)

What You Will Find in the Kit:

  • 4 Soaked Bandages : Pre-impregnated with targeted active ingredients, these bandages are ready to use and work intensely to drain excess fluids and minimize cellulite.
  • Cartene Pants : Use these practical pants during the bandage treatment to enhance the effect and keep the application area clean.
  • Cell 01 Cream : Formulated with innovative ingredients, this cream is the perfect complement to your treatment. Apply it regularly to maximize results and keep your skin hydrated and supple.

How to Use the Kit:

Apply Bandages: Wrap soaked bandages around areas affected by cellulite, such as thighs and buttocks.
Wear Cartene Pants: Place the pants over the bandages to intensify the treatment and keep it clean and safe.
Use Cell 01 Cream: After removing the bandages and pants, apply the cream with circular movements to promote absorption and continue the anti-cellulite action.
This home treatment will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a professional spa with the convenience and privacy of your own home. Perfect for integrating into your beauty routine, the Focus Cellulite Kit is your ally for feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.

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