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AURUM estetica esclusiva

GOLD Body Pack (3 months)

GOLD Body Pack (3 months)

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The scheduled deadline was May 18, 2024, but to satisfy the desire of our beloved customers, we have decided to extend the possibility of subscribing to one of the 3 levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) until June 15

Immerse yourself in the Luxury of the GOLD Route

The GOLD path of Aurum Estetica Esclusiva is the ideal choice for those seeking a deep and regenerating experience of well-being, which goes beyond ordinary aesthetic care. With a duration of 3 months , this mini subscription is designed for those who want to explore a holistic approach to beauty, combining the best of our services in an exclusive package that prepares the body and spirit for summer.

Your GOLD Package Includes

At €1,100 in total , the GOLD package offers you a journey through the services most requested and appreciated by our customers, ensuring a complete experience of care and beauty. Here's what it includes:

  • The entire SILVER Package : Start your journey with all the benefits included in our first package, for an impeccable base of care: 4 hand touch-ups, 4 pedicures, 12 lymphatic drainage treatments.
  • +2 Facial Cleansing : Purify and illuminate your face with tailor-made treatments, which leave your skin soft, smooth and regenerated.
  • +2 Complete Waxes : Enjoy the sensation of smooth, perfectly hairless skin, ready to be proudly shown.
  • +12 Pressotherapy sessions : Stimulate circulation and reduce cellulite with this innovative therapy, for light legs and a more toned body.

A Journey of Transformation

Give yourself the luxury of taking care of yourself with the GOLD path, which guides you on a journey of aesthetic transformation and profound well-being. This package was created for those who are not satisfied and seek the best for their body and skin.

The next steps

You can subscribe to the GOLD package until June 15, 2024 . From the moment you purchase it, you will have 3 months to fully enjoy every treatment and service offered, allowing you to schedule your appointments according to your commitments and needs. This period of time is designed to give you the flexibility you need and to ensure that every visit to our center becomes a moment of pure pleasure and regeneration.

After purchasing, contact us to book your GOLD appointments.

Your Commitment to Beauty

Booking the GOLD route means taking a significant step towards self-care, in view of a radiant and confident summer. After purchasing online, contact our team to organize your appointments: we are ready to pamper you and offer you a personalized experience that reflects the quality and excellence of Aurum Estetica Esclusiva.

The GOLD route is your ticket to an unforgettable summer, where beauty and well-being come together to give you the best of you. Don't miss this unique opportunity to elevate yourself with Aurum Aesthetics Exclusive.

Do you want to pay in a deferred manner?

We offer the possibility to pay for this service in 3 convenient payments, contact us to find out more.

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