The story of Maira Gavini, AURUM Co-Founder, Mother and Nail Artist

Maira Gavini emerges as a central and revolutionary figure in the aesthetics scene in Aprilia, with a specific focus on the art of nail care. Her entrepreneurial journey began with the launch of Coco Nail Lab, a project that highlighted her commitment and skill in the nail art industry, positioning her as a pioneer in her community. This initial experience not only laid a solid foundation for his successful journey but also revealed his innate ability to innovate and set new trends in the dynamic world of aesthetics.

The story of Maira Gavini, AURUM Co-Founder, Mother and Nail Artist

By co-founding AURUM, Maira has further elevated her commitment to unique aesthetics, demonstrating an incredible ability to combine art, beauty and personal care in a unique and welcoming environment. Her position as Nail Expert in the salon is distinguished by technical mastery and creativity, transforming each treatment into a personalized, high-end experience. Its vision goes beyond the traditional concept of a beauty salon, aiming to create a space where customers can experience moments of true well-being, embellished with cutting-edge nail art services.

In addition to her role as an entrepreneur and artist, Maira Gavini is also a mother, an aspect of her life that integrates harmoniously with her career. This dimension adds a unique depth to her work, inspiring her to pursue excellence and infuse her projects with values ​​such as care, attention and love. His journey reflects the balance between professional fulfillment and personal life, proving that it is possible to excel in both areas with passion and dedication.

Maira Gavini's story is therefore an expression of talent, innovation and resilience. As Co-Founder of AURUM, Mom and Nail Artist, Maira continues to inspire those around her, leaving an indelible mark on the beauty industry and contributing significantly to the Aprilia community. His contribution goes far beyond external beauty, touching people's lives with an approach that celebrates uniqueness, artistry and overall well-being.

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